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Save the Yard Bar? We did! One of the oldest outdoor spaces in Soho has been under constant threat from unscrupulous developers, who want to tear it out/cover it over/build it up into luxury apartments or something equally soulless. But the Soho gay community just keeps rallying together to save the Yard. How could they not? It’s a gorgeous space; a real courtyard with actual plants and greenery, outdoor seating, beautiful Italianate statuary, all welcoming you as you head to the ground floor bar. But the Yard has even more! Notice how we specified a ground floor bar?  There’s another floor of fun upstairs, another bar staffed by beautiful boys and an enormous terrace to perch on, smoke your (social) cigarettes and spy on the talent circulating below. Perfect for summer sipping, but with equally excellent for chilled drinks under the huge heat lamps in winter. A gem.

QX Review Quotes

¨It’s an adorable yet decadent courtyard covered in pretty greenery, with a lovely (if cramped) terrace upstairs.¨ 

¨This spot is perf for grabbing a cold bevvy after a long day at the sweltering office.¨

¨As usual, the mood was relaxed and cheery and a lovely time was clearly had by all.¨

¨The Yard Bar have won the battle to remain the beautiful homosexual drinking hole they’ve always been.¨

The Yard

The Yard

The Yard

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