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Once More With Pride: LGSM March Again

Without last year’s critically acclaimed movie ‘Pride’ the story of LGSM would likely have been lost forever in the annals of queer history. Now,...

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#JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings from the Princess of East London!

Discerning scene musings from the Princess of East London What’s your favourite meme or hashtag? Can we eeerm… #discuss. We all succumb to phases of...

Equus at Trafalgar Studios review – ‘a galloping revival that leaves you panting’

★★★★★ by Ifan Llewelyn Are people born mad? Or do they have madness thrust upon them? This is the central question that perplexed audiences when...

The Queer Icons That Also Need to Feature on Pound Notes

When it was announced this week that code-breaker Alan Turing had been chosen to appear on the £50 note, it was a welcome and...

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