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I Choose Kindness film and campaign.

Manchester Pride produces ‘I Choose Kindness’ video in response to surging hate crime.

In the last three years, hate crimes due to sexual orientation have increased by 69%, while hate crimes against transgender people have surged by...

Gay Porn Star Wesley Woods in homophobic attack

Wesley Woods, gay porn star and comedian, opened up about a homophobic attack on Twitter last Friday. The violent attack occurred on the 8th of...
National Hate Crime Awareness Week

Hate and Its Tentacles – National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

With National Hate Crime Awareness Week beginning on Saturday 11th October, Patrick Cash writes about hate in London.  I’ve experienced homophobic abuse in London three...
Patrick Cash hate crime victim.

Why We Still Need To Fight Hate

Patrick Cash writes about being the victim of hate crime in London, and why we need to fight hate crime.  Last night I was the...

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