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Once More With Pride: LGSM March Again

Without last year’s critically acclaimed movie ‘Pride’ the story of LGSM would likely have been lost forever in the annals of queer history. Now,...

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Queer cultural events coming to London this week

In the post-pride run-down, it might feel like the queer colour is slowly draining from our city as business slowly take down their rainbow...

#JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings from the Princess of East London!

Discerning scene musings from the Princess of East London What’s your favourite meme or hashtag? Can we eeerm… #discuss. We all succumb to phases of...

The Best of Summer Cabaret

By Jason Reid Pride in London is done and dusted for another year (wasn’t it a corker?!) and venue bookers and QX staff are finally...

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