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Once More With Pride: LGSM March Again

Without last year’s critically acclaimed movie ‘Pride’ the story of LGSM would likely have been lost forever in the annals of queer history. Now,...

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The Queer Icons That Also Need to Feature on Pound Notes

When it was announced this week that code-breaker Alan Turing had been chosen to appear on the £50 note, it was a welcome and...

Queer Conspiracy Theories – the mad, the sad and the bad

Whether it's being trapped in a YouTube rabbit hole of videos about a superior race of lizards, or looking into some madness Trump just...
Lucy Whittaker

QX Meets… Lucy Whittaker

Queer pop powerhouse Lucy Whittaker is taking over the industry, one Pride at a time. Flipping her blonde locks over the shoulder of a blue...

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