Eat Your Heart out presents ‘Violence’

Violence. It permeates the world and infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives more than you might at first imagine. Just consider for a moment how easily we absorb violent images, while other sections of society condemn the simplest signs of affection. The bloodied, beaten and dead body of Gaddafi broadcast on the afternoon news is deemed appropriate while a gay kiss can get blasted by Middle England if it’s screened before 9pm. (And us gays are accused of perverting the minds of the young! But I digress…)

For its latest foray into social commentary-slash-performance artistry, the Eat Your Heart Out collective have turned the focus to a year of social upheaval in our fair country, from the broken promises of elected officials through to the summer’s riots set against a backdrop of economic apocalypse. Never mind a war that we all seem to have become numb to, conveniently relegated to news bites in the press, only ever making headlines when a soldier loses his life.

Violence it seems is as part of our daily routine as brushing our teeth or having a dump. And so, Scottee and co. gloriously indulge the paradox of our love affair with said violence, presenting a series of sketches, from the opening jarring scene of Masumi Tipsy writhing around on stage in fits and screams to the more hilarious moments such as Nando Messias’ spot-on lip-synching.


Scottee’s orchestration of the proceedings has him acting like a veritable madam to these performance whores, instructing them in their movements and eschewing the events from act to act, as he dazzles us with his vocals on several occasions, singing live, reminding us – yet again – there’s even more to come from this wunderkind of the avant-garde world. Indeed, through Violence, Scottee and his Eat Your Heart Out crew have come of age.


• Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith W6