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Machorama is the second part of Jonny Woo’s residency at the Hackney Picturehouse, combining performance with clips celebrating LGBT on film. In idolising celluloid hunks in this outing, Woo was joined by a butched-up Myra Dubois on the decks, and Batty Lashes – the other half of his musical outfit Les Goom.

“Because I decided to do a night here at the cinema, rather than doing a cabaret I might as well quote the venue that I’m in,” explains Woo. “And looking through my DVD collection, I’ve actually got more gay films than I thought.” The result? Irreverently edited clip reels arranged into categories from looking at homoeroticism on the silver screen, to a short romantic interlude, to unabashed erotic muscle-worship – all of which Woo gave gloriously inglorious commentary over. These were combined with skits of spoken word, song, a quiz, and saucy audience participation.

A work in progress and one that definitely shows a lot of promise. “I’m still trying to work out the space and work out the format,” Woo reveals. But even so this unrefined quality with Woo’s edgy eloquence made the night feel underground, experimental, exciting, and carefree – especially when he turned any technical hiccups into hilarity.

Once again, Woo demonstrates that he is still a queer performer at the top of his game, with a winning combination of outrageous humour married with a dash of pathos and a man-sized scrunched-up tissue of smut. It’s his charisma that delights, and it’s inescapable.

Future instalments, looking at trans and lesbians on screen, will undoubtedly be the hottest ticket in Hackney.


• The Attic @ Hackney Picture House


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