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Atomic Kitten

Summer Rites brings Atomic Kitten to its Pop Circus Tent for its ‘Pride in the Park Festival’ – and they’ll be on the same stage as their very own drag parody troupe aka Queens of Pop ! Anthony Gilét chats to Kerry, Liz and Natasha…


How is it seeing the other gals again?

It’s been lovely, very emotional at times! At other times, like we were never apart… It’s a chance to get back onstage after thirteen years. My kids would finally be able to see me as a Kitten rather than just on YouTube.

We take it you’ve seen The Queens of Pop parody on YouTube; what did you think of it?

I found it very, very funny to be honest. The good thing is, I know I am approaching four years clean so I can really laugh at it.

We heard a rumour that you’ll be on the stage with the Queens of Pop at Summer Rites. Is there any truth to that?

Who knows? I can’t spoil any surprises!

How did you feel when they pulled the Cash Lady advert for being ‘irresponsible’?

They didn’t pull it, they had to stop using the longer one for legal technicalities, but they switched to the shorter one.  I have no problem at all with working with them as they provide a small loan service the banks refuse to these days and I know people who have been helped in an emergency by them.


You’ve just landed a role in the musical Rent…

I was approached to play the role of Maureen. My first reaction was “Oh wow”, but slightly nervous. I remember seeing Nicole Scherzinger playing the role when it was in the States, and she blew me away. But I also feel empowered to play such an iconic role that’s full of sass and attitude.

Are you excited about playing a lesbian?

I’m excited about playing a role that challenges my acting and vocal ability. I’m already watching the show over and over, and working out how I’m gonna put a bit of my own magic into the role.

You’ve had a lot of criticism regarding your recent ‘surgery’. Do you have anything to say to those people commenting on it other than they should mind their own business?

[Laughs] Yes, they should! But honestly, I’m the kind of person who would just say if I’d had surgery done. I don’t know what the big deal is. I’ve gone from being a kid in Atomic Kitten to a woman now, so obviously your features change. I feel really confident in my own skin, so I suppose that’s all that really matters!


You recently performed at G-A-Y. How was that?

G-A-Y was so much fun, it’s our favourite gig to do. We always get so nervous as we want to please the crowds there, but they just go nuts and make us feel amazing. So yeah, it was brilliant!

We’ve seen you on MasterChef a few times, too. What would you cook up for us if we were coming over for dinner?

I’d make you something quick and easy like a wild mushroom risotto so we could just concentrate on getting drunk!

Any other TV ambitions?

I like a bit of presenting, I started presenting straight out of Atomic Kitten doing music award shows in Europe for the English channels, then I got my own TV show – Hotter Than My Daughter – on BBC3, which was their biggest debuting show. I love doing the food shows though, watch this space for that one. Something might be coming up there.

You’re performing at this year’s Summer Rites. Can we expect some new material?

Definitely. We recorded one a few months ago and it was written by a guy we know who writes with Jessie J and lots of others. It is a total TUNE. It’s called ‘Whatever (Makes You Feel Good)’. Watch out for it!

• Atomic Kitten will be performing at Summer Rites: Pride in the Park (Shoreditch Park, New North Road, N1 6TA) on Saturday 29th June, 2pm-11pm.

The Atomic Kitten interview with Anthony Gilét: 





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