Make Mine Bailey’s

You may have heard of Sam Bailey as the mother-of-two who happens to be a singing superstar on the stage and stormed to the top of The X Factor, winning the entire competition! Ahead of her New Year’s Eve gig at G-A-Y, we found out more about her story and what lies ahead…


Congratulations on winning this year’s X Factor! 

Thank you. It’s only just starting to sink in! It’s so overwhelming and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me on the series.

When the show started, I think the public would never have identified you as the obvious winner. Do you feel that motivated you to prove them wrong?

From the first time I was on TV the support has been amazing. I guess people never think an ‘Over’ will win but I just went out there every week and sang my heart out and hoped people liked what they heard. I was really motivated anyway as I was following my dream and I wanted to do as well as I could.

Fast forward to the future and imagine you just received your first cheque for £1million! What are the top five things you’d spend it on?

A drum kit, a holiday, a car, a new house and clothes for the kids!

Sharon was your mentor. You must have become close over the past few months. What surprised you most about her?

I have a friend for life in Sharon. She couldn’t have been a better mentor. I was so lucky and she has been a great support to me and given me great advice. I don’t think anything has surprised me, as she is everything I hoped she would be – warm, funny, wise… all-round sch-mazing as Nicole would say!

Did you take her advice at all times, or stand your ground when you felt you had a good idea, such as in song choice?

Sharon has been in the business a long time, so I always want to learn from someone like her and the rest of the music team too, who know the industry inside and out. I have opinions though and I voice them, and everyone welcomes my thoughts as much as I welcome theirs.

What was the most difficult thing about the X Factor experience?

Being away from my husband and children. It’s been so tough so I can’t wait for my Christmas break, so we can spend some quality time together.

You’ve become a huge household name! Does the prospect of being away from your family on huge promotional tours scare you?

I am taking each day as it comes. We will try and be together as much as possible and we’ll make it work. Lots of people’s jobs take them away from their families for much longer periods than I will ever be away, so even though it’s hard, we will get through it.

When you were dreaming of being a singer, you must have envisaged the kind of career you’d love to have. Do you know what kind of sound you’ll go for on your first album?

I haven’t had time to breathe yet, let alone think about my album. I would like to recreate some classics – there are so many amazing songs out there that are crying to be done so I’d love to perform some of those, tracks that I absolutely love. You’ll have to wait and see to find out what they are!

Will you be writing your own material, or do you feel that aspect of music will come at a later date?

I would love to have a go at writing my own material, so I am sure I will do that over the coming year. I also want a drum kit – yes really! My dad was a drummer and I want to have a go at them, too.

Finally, you’re performing at G-A-Y on New Year’s Eve! That’s a great gig for a future pop diva! Have you thought about your set list?

Obviously my single will be on the list and I think I need to do ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘The Edge of Glory’. Also, I think I would do ‘Power of Love’ and ‘Listen’.


• Sam’s single Skyscraper is available to download now and all profits are being split between two charities – Great Ormond St Childrens Hospital and Together for Short Lives. She will be performing at G-A-Y (Heaven, under the Arches, Villiers Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 6NG) on New Year’s Eve. Advance tickets available from G-A-Y Bar. 



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