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If you’re looking for a sexy Christmas weekend away in a hot and heady European destination, with one of the ultimate gay club nights in erotica to attend at the same time, then look no further than My Pleasure in Spain’s sizzling Madrid. Book now for the 28th December and it might just be the perfect post-festive, pre-New Year break. We caught up with brains behind the show, Mr Petro Ortiz to find out more…


What kind of pleasures can we expect to receive on the night?

My pleasure is a party for all senses, you’ll feel it through each of them: sight, touch, taste, hearing and if the smell is developed, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Spain isn’t known for its fetish parties. How do you plan to attract the crowds away from Berlin and London? 

Nobody remained indifferent after My Pleasure’s first edition during Gay Pride 2013 and it will still be jaw-dropping in its second party. The venue where it takes place is considered one of the top five venues in the world. We have a long experience in electronic music events. My Pleasure is on top of anything else a mega club. Over 10.000 m2 to play around…

Can we expect to see any well-known porn stars doing their thing there?

Porn is part of My Pleasure. Porn is part of the show. We love doing daring things, always with a load of aesthetics as part of it. The image, the sophistication are values important to us. And if porn is better when done by top professionals, we’ll have a bunch of them! I can’t really disclose names yet but what I can tell you, is that in the previous edition there were names such as  Francois Sagat, Donato Reyes, Jeff Stronger, Geoff Payne, Jean Franko, David Ávila, Tomy Hawk..

Can you tell us one of the sexiest/most shocking/filthiest you’ve seen at one of these parties?

Well, yes, we have a very interesting game of interacting with the public: the Hunters’ Game. Three troubling characters dressed up in black leather inspired by the 17th century. We introduced them as: “While you dance, someone watches you. If three characters in black come close to you, start trembling. It’s your lucky day.”

They choose someone from the public. Then they surround him for a few minutes. Then, they suggest something to him. In the last edition, the chosen one, the victim, was invited to come up on stage and got his hair cropped, half naked in front of 5000 people. It was a really hot guy who accepted.

Some other victims were invited on stage, behind the curtains, to see a very close up of an anal show by Francois Sagat. The public on the dancefloor could see the same although in a 4m high podium and 10m far.

What gives you pleasure? What will you be wearing?

Doing new and interesting things is what gives me pleasure. My Pleasure does not impose a strict dress code, although we suggest aesthetics and on top of that, an attitude, a pose. Our aim is that our public expresses themselves and that they find a place of their own in the festival. There are sufficient rooms to cover all expectations.

Despite of this, we have a room with a strict dresscode called Penitenzia on the first floor. You’ll only get there if you convince the security guy of the place. If your outfit is stunning enough, he won’t ask you to fully undress.

Amongst some other garments, my mask will grant me access to get anywhere there.

For the newbie, what exactly does Antonio Flórez do so well, with a piece of rope?

Antonio is a very important member of the show. He’s a top professional in bondage, it is his passion. He’s a very literate person, experienced and talented. He’s also a fetish photographer, putting a lot of interest in decorating the body, tattoos, body language.

We get the filth, but how would you describe the music of the night?

Music is another part that singles us out. We are gay and we’re clubbers. We love dance music. We love the music that plays at any cutting edge underground European club, and this is completely apart from the fact of being gay or not. Our music demands you dancing in a sexy environment, creating a collective sexual desire while you enjoy the show!


• My Pleasure is on Saturday 28th December at Fabrik Madrid (Avda de la Industria 82, Cra Fuenlabrada – Moraleja de Enmedio 3,500 Humanes de Madrid, Madrid, Spain), 10pm-very late, advance tickets €25.

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