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Sunday 27th December @ Fire Nightclub, 39 Parry Street, SW8 1


Not partial fetish. Not half fetish. FULL. FUCKING. FETISH. The whole hog! The boys at Recon aren’t playing around. They ain’t playin! This is the real deal. It’s not just some drinks and someone being whipped here and there. It’s not just run-of-the-mill dance music and a leather harness or two. This is gonna be a full-blown den of debauchery. A sea of salacious miscreants, scintillatingly sleazy, red hot slap whipcrack homo hedonism darling! YES. *takes breath*

Recon will be taking over iconic Vauxhall venue Fire. For those of you who haven’t been, Fire is a labyrinthine amalgamation of vast dance floors, vaulting ceilings, and loads and loads of bare brick (that’s bare BRICK. We know what you were thinking).

That said, it DOES have all the wonderfully sadistic stuff you’d expect from a Recon night, but never fear; the atmosphere is friendly, safe and understanding. It’ll be a brilliantly naughty respite from the wholesomeness of Christmas: worlds away from watching the Sound Of Music on Auntie June’s sofa.

They’re fully kitted out for the fetish experience, with state-of-the-art equipment, and ultra-modern sound systems playing seminal dance and house, courtesy of some of the city’s best DJs. There’s a chill-out zone if it all gets a bit much, as well as dancefloors, separate changing rooms and cloakrooms, and even a complimentary glass of champagne! Lovely!

The dresscode is anything goes, as long as it’s fetish. So no jeans and trainers, and CERTAINLY no Christmas jumpers!


• Standard tickets £20, VIP tickets £40. Available at

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