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Cult blokezine meat has just released its latest issue of guy-next-door totty. This time it’s a collaboration with gay rugby team the Kings Cross Steelers. After drying off his seat, Dom Top had a chat with meat maestro Adrian Lourie about meat, music and more.


WELL, Mr. Lourie, we’ve had a gander at the latest issue of meat and it is VERY TASTY. Tell us about it.

It is isn’t it? It’s devoted to The Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Club. They were the world’s first gay inclusive rugby team and this year they celebrate their twentieth anniversary, so I thought it was a good time to get in on some changing room action with them. I love how diverse the club is and its all-inclusive attitude. I thought they were a good fit for meat.

How did the collaboration with Kings Cross Steelers happen?

There was a conversation about maybe doing a feature on them for meat but I thought they deserved a full issue. I put the idea to them and they were really into it and it all happened pretty quickly. We went from shoot to print in week. 

How were rugby boys to work with? Shy? Show-offs?

What was amazing about doing it was the mix of guys. Of course there were some-show offs but there were a few guys who’d never done anything like this. To be honest I was a bit intimidated prior to doing it. I thought they might have a certain attitude or be a bit difficult or unfriendly, but honestly they were so fantastic and very happy to be part of it. I think each one of them gave us something very special. They were all complete gentlemen too. I got a lot of very firm handshakes on the day.

Any faves from the shoot? We’re particularly fond of the cover boy…

It was pretty clear that Steve was going to be the cover from early on.  I mean he’s amazing looking but he was very quiet and unassuming and whilst he was obviously confident in front of the camera he had this lovely shy nature, which is very appealing. Having said that he also has a very strong presence and to be honest I nearly dropped the camera when he walked into the room.

I have to say though, they were all amazing and every one of them a total hottie. I have a crush on them all.

Any plans for the next issue or is that top secret?

The next issue is devoted to Paris. I shot 17 guys in 4 days there at the end of January. That was such an adventure. The pictures are completely amazing and I think it’s going to be the most fabulous issue.  That city has always been so supportive of meat and it was nice to pay a little tribute to its fantastic men. I made some really great friends whilst I was there and I can’t wait for them to see it.

How many issues of meat is this now?

I’ve just published issue twenty in March and with special issues including meat The Kings Cross Steelers and meat SF (the San Francisco issue) we’re up to 25. September will be the sixth anniversary of the first issue.

What inspired you initially to start the zine? I imagine seeing hot blokes strip o ff is a bonus.

I wanted to produce something in print. At that time there seemed to be a big downturn in printed matter. It really looked like the Internet and particularly the iPad would be the death of print. Thankfully that seems to have changed and there’s a more amazing array of magazines than ever. I also wanted to see a more diverse range of men looking sexy in print. I always felt like the gay press would do features on bears or hipster gays as a sort of novelty. I wanted to push out the idea that you don’t need a six-pack and retouching to look hot. I’ve never retouched the meat men and I try really hard to be diverse in my choice of subjects. Looking at hot blokes stripping off is always a bonus too obviously.

“They were all amazing and every one of them a total hottie. I have a crush on them all.”

How do you feel the response to it has been?

It’s been really phenomenal. I get a great response from guys about it and they really seem to get my point of view. I rarely have to look for models now, guys who buy it or follow the Instagram or Facebook contact me about being featured. I guess for some people it will never been diverse enough but I try really hard to represent as many different men as I can. I pretty much shoot, edit, and produce it singlehandedly.  It survives with no advertising and absolutely no publishing skills from me. That people still buy it and buy into the aesthetic and idea of it makes me so happy. People are finding it all the time and it’s new to them and it still seems fresh and interesting to them, which is great.

The meat Launch parties at RVT are always a scream, when’s the next one?

We’re back at The RVT on June 10th with our special guest DJ John Sizzle. I can’t wait. He always serves it up. It’s really great to see the Tavern having such resurgence too. Our parties there are busier than ever. I love seeing that place rammed. We get a great crowd and everyone’s up for drinking beer and losing it on the dance floor.

What about meat East?

We’ve been taking on a Saturday night every couple of months at Dalston Superstore. The next party is May 21st. We get the hottest crowd. It gets so packed and causes a roadblock on the street! It’s one of my favourite places to DJ because you get such a great opportunity to look out over a room of the hottest men. We also make it very much about the music and upstairs and downstairs are very carefully curated. There’s something for everyone.

Do you have a favourite issue of meat?

meat SF probably (the San Francisco issue). It just reminds me of a great time in my life. Rolling around The West Coast with my friend, singer Matt Alber (who featured on the cover). Meeting and shooting all these great blokes. Having said that, as soon as an issue is printed I’m on to the next. I don’t often look back at them. I’ll save that until I do the coffee table book.

Who would be your dream guy to shoot for the zine?

I’m more than happy shooting anyone who wants to be part of it to be honest. There are a couple of those rugby dudes I’d have back in a heartbeat though. 

What else are you up to? Are you still DJing all over London with Fannar as per usual?

Yeah we’ve been doing lots of stuff as the meat boys. We did some gigs in Paris this year and will be back there in July. We do Friday nights at The Kings Arms and are starting a monthly Wednesday night there next month. We’re also doing a monthly Sunday evening residency at The Vauxhall Griffin from late May. We get to play lots of great parties like BRUT as well as our own meat parties. Lots of stuff to keep us in trouble.

Any favourite meat models?

Well I met Fannar through meat, I put him on the cover and we’ve been doing our thing in one-way or anther ever since, so I’d definitely say him. He’ll be really embarrassed by my saying that!

How do you feel about vegetarians?

I’m equal opportunities. I think anyone looks good in a meat tee shirt.


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