Daniel Liam Glyn’s Changing Stations

Meet the gay musician creating a unique soundmap of the London Underground


Daniel Liam Glyn is a music producer with Grapheme Colour Synaesthesia. This means he sees sound in colour. “I perceive musical notes and key signatures in colour,” he said “along with letters, words and numbers.”

He has used this as a tool in his latest project, “Changing Stations”. It’s a carefully conceived 11 track album, with each tune a sonorous representation of a different line on the underground! They’re supposed to represent the nuances of each line.

“I’ve composed each one using the colour from the map,” Dan told us “e.g. A equals red, which equals Central Line, which equals A Major. I’ve also used the thoughts and feelings from each colour and underground journey when decided my style for each piece. So F equals dark green, which equals District Line, which equals F# Minor…a gloomy key, and a slow, lethargic journey full of delays.



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