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But we don’t understand it

Purveyor of critically-acclaimed trip-hop and all-round gorgey hun Frank Ocean has set Instagram alight with a steamy shower room selfie! “Steamy shower room selfie” who have we become?! We used to cover serious stuff. Oh well, it’s 2017.

Anyway, Frank’s pouty mirror, bare torsoed goodness has had gays staring slack-jawed at their phones on buses from Hackney to….well, to Hackney Wick. Or Haggerston. So not very far. Basically, loads of East London gays lust over Frank Ocean.

But apparently, it’s more than just a selfie! There’s a MESSAGE behind it. He posted it with the caption ‘cuz the 6 has the aux cable’. This has triggered much speculation about potential lovers, preferences, or even new material!

Dazed even wrote an article about all the possible interpretations of it. Something tells us those Dazed girls have a bit more time on their hands than we do.

Anyway, whatever it means, he looks sensational. And that, as we all know, is the most important thing.

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