It’s Italy Gay Summer Pride!

Two guys seating together on the beach at summer

Get out of London and over to Italy’s Gay Summer Pride for delicious local cuisine and delicious locals!

Right, put down that Kronenburg and PAY ATTENTION! We’ve got a right corker for you here. XXL have teamed up with Italy Gay Travels, who, as the name suggests, are an Italian tourism agency geared towards gay travelers (who knew?) to bring you a four day gay party at one of Italy’s most glimmering, glamorous destinations.

Perched on a peninsula jutting into the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, Gallipoli is on the sparkling high heel of the boot of Italy. Dubbed “the Ibiza of Italy” it has in recent years it has become a sun-soaked hotspot for Europe’s party-goers and playboys.

Now, for the first time ever, it’s hosting an experience geared specifically towards gay men. And it comes at the perfect time – it’ll be from the 21st to the 25th September. So just when you’re starting to get those post-summer blues as the tans wear off and the rain sets in, you can book yourself a flight and jet off to Italy with a bunch of gays! Bye bitches!

The centre of the long weekend will be focused on Bellavista Club, Gallipoli’s tallest hotel, which overlooks the charmingly crumbling Old Town with 360 degree views.


You’ll also no doubt be tempted to saunter down to Picador Village for a special Saturday night party. Picador Village is Southern Italy’s biggest gay club! Another highlight is on Friday, with a party at the deliciously idyllic Mine Vaganti, set in the rural, olive-tree strewn countryside just outside of the town. All rustic farmhouses and fine wines, it’s the sort of thing Patsy from Ab Fab would look at and say “oh, that’s fantastic.” Eddie would knock back a limoncello and say “now THIS is the place, Pats.”

There’s loads of other stuff on the itinerary as well, from boat excursions to liquor tasting trips, to chilled DJ at exclusive waterside lounges. We’re picturing mahogany-skinned boys draped under white linen cabanas while the music of Café Del Mar sussurates in the background. Just a thought! If you’d rather sit in an office in Kennington with rain battering the window then by all means, feel free. But we know which WE’D prefer.

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XXL will be sending a DJ along to Italy Summer Pride!

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