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It’s big! It’s hairy! It’s XXL Pride!

Big ole’ bear’s den XXL are OBVS going all out for pride on Saturday, claws unsheathed and hackles raised for XXL Pride!

Its cavernous dancefloors and delicious debauchery are a perfect afterparty setting for the day’s colourful and mad proceedings, and as if that weren’t enough, they’ve enlisted the help of internationally renowned DJ duo Moto Blanco, to keep the crowd poppin’.

We had a chat with one half of Moto Blanco, Danny, to find out more.

Hey Danny! You’re performing at XXL’s pride party. Tell us what pride means to you.

It’s a day to celebrate being who you are. Be who you want to be, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Unless you’re a cunt (don’t be a cunt). It’s one of the biggest nights of the year at XXL too , so I’m very honoured to be playing with the boys. I’ve played at lots of Pride events all over the world, but it’s always great to play in your own city. 

You DJ at XXL quite regularly – how would you describe the atmosphere in there?

It’s always great, but Pride night will be electric. There’s a lot going on, lots of events, the march etc…b ut you know where you’ll end up. Don’t resist it!

We love your remix of Fergie’s LA Love! Have you met her?

Ohh yes…many times. She’s murder after a few Babychams though haha. No, it’s a common misconception for remixers…you don’t get to meet the artists normally. On the odd occasion it’s happened, but as a rule we just get sent a vocal in an email…not very glamorous is it. 

You’re South London boys…how has the scene (music/gay/nightlife) changed in London over the years?

We’ve lost some amazing venues over the last few years, but there have been so many great new places appearing all over London. This is an amazing city. I do worry we’re losing some of our original character, but everything must change. Nothing stays the same (I sang that line).

What do you make of modern music at the moment?

There’s so much great stuff out there, but you have to dig a little bit deeper to find it. It’s never been easier to buy or source music. I discover new artists every day and think “Wow, why aren’t you huge?” There’s a lot of music to go through to find gold, but it’s well worth the effort.

What can we expect from your set on Saturday?

Pride is a celebration, so expect to dance, hug and sing along to a few classics. Love is the message

Finally…sum up Moto Blanco in three words 

Crap at answering questions correctly 🙂

Moto Blanco will be at XXL Pride on Saturday 7th July. Pulse Nightclub, 1 Invicta Plaza, SE1 9UF. 9pm – 7am. £15 guests, £10 members.

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