There’s a Jurassic Park party prowling into Clapham tonight

There’s something about the Jurassic Park franchise that really appeals to the LGBTQ community. We’re not really sure why, but pretty much all queers seem to LOVE Jurassic Park.

Of course, it could simply be because EVERYONE loves Jurassic Park. Like, does anyone actually hate it? And of course it goes without saying that the gays love the second one the most, because Julianne Moore is in it. Anything with Julianne Moore in it scores an automatic 10/10. That scene where she’s on the cracking pane of glass is pure HOLLYWOOD SUSPENSE.

Anyway, tonight The Grand Clapham is celebrating all things Jurassic Park, the latest in a blossoming roster of cool stuff they’ve got planned. Head to their website and pack a lunch.


They’ve spared no expense for tonight’s party, with baby dinosaurs, an actual t-rex in the club, props, and dressing up! (NB: it’s obviously not an actual t-rex because genome extraction isn’t actually possible, it’s a made up thing – but it’ll be a very good imitation of an actual t-rex).

There’ll also be a major 90s playlist – all the hits that were out when Jurassic Park was released! It came out in 1993. Some of the number ones from that year are; “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, “Dreams” by Gabrielle and “Mr Blobby” by Mr Blobby. 

For more info on tonight’s Jurassic Party and to get tickets, CLICK HERE