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The UK’s only gay theatre has plenty going on over the festive period!

Look at us, all trendy, using abbreviations. SCHEDJ! That’s short for schedule. Unsurprisingly, queer theatre really lends itself to the festive period, so London’s queer theatre Above The Stag naturally have loads of cool, camp, Christmassy stuff planned for the next couple of weeks. See below!

The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)

This meta musical venture, on until 22nd December, is made up of five mini musicals-within-musicals, and follows a young ingénue and her evil landlord (something that will particularly resonate with London audiences). It pays homage to several of your fave musical shows, with sparkling outfits and general camp sensibilites. Boyz Mag gave it five stars!

Mother Goose Cracks One Out

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Ooh pantos are evidently all the rage this year! This one’s to celebrate ten years of outrageous, fab panto antics at Above The Stag, and it’s a take on Mother Goose, transforming one of the most traditional fairytales around into filthy camp fun nonsense. That’s what we like to hear! Again written by Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper, with a cast including Scott Dale, Laura Blair, Scott Dale and Matthew Baldwin. We know Matt actually – hi Matt!

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