Gay clothing brand Molly & Tommy launch underwear campaign video

Molly & Tommy Underwear

The Molly and Tommy launch was earlier this year with a t-shirt line on Redbubble and a stall at London Pride. There’s a new gay clothing company in town! 

They’re all about fun, bright colours and body positivity. A bit like Lizzo. Imagine Lizzo as a clothing brand, and you’ve got Molly & Tommy.

Molly and Tommy launch
Molly and Tommy Launch

Their t-shirts were a huge success and now they’ve joined forces with recording artist Allan Jay to create their first underwear music video campaign (the best kind of campaign, obvs). 


Molly & Tommy and Allan Jay – Almost In Heaven – full Video from Molly & Tommy on Vimeo.

To find out more about Molly & Tommy and purchase their products, check out their website