Don’t delay, get vaccinated against the MPX virus


MPX is a very unpleasant virus. Besides extremely painful blisters in some very uncomfortable areas it can also cause blindness! There is also a significant risk of being hospitalised. The current outbreak is largely confined to men who have sex with men.

It’s all about meeting the criteria.

Only sexually active gay and bisexual men who have sex with men who ALSO meet one or more of the following criteria are eligible for vaccine:

  1. Gonorrhoea, chlamydia or syphilis diagnosed in the last three months OR
  2. More than 5 sexual partners in the last three months OR
  3. Group sex in the last three months OR
  4. Sex in a sex on premises venue (e.g. sex club, sauna) in the last 3 months OR
  5. Advanced HIV (CD4 count below 200 or detectable viral load)

We need to break the chain of transmission in order to get the outbreak under control. If we do not, then there is a very real risk that MPX will become endemic within our community.  

According to

“We will be inviting anyone who we believe is a priority for vaccination and local teams will be working to make sure that anyone who meets the criteria set by UKHSA knows how they can get their jab.”

If you meet the criteria, contact your local sexual health clinic and make sure you get vaccinated. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR LOCAL CLINIC

You can also use the London services listed below. Just follow the link for more information. 

Dean Street sexual health clinic, Soho

Guy’s Hospital, Southwark

Mortimer Market Centre, Camden

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Be insistent!

Make sure you get vaccinated!

Let’s break the chain of transmission!




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