Comptons of Soho

    8/12/19: Comptons is like that lovely uncle you can always count on. It’s so fitting for this festive season, having us wanting to wear head to toe tweed and suck on a pipe in front of an open fire. Well, that is unless it’s a Saturday when they get their groove on. It’s always a bustling joint to knock back a few pints with the lads, and Saturday night had us doing exactly that. It’s always after two pints in that we start to make eyes at that hottie behind the bar. It may be December but that’s NOT going to stop him rocking that vest. We aren’t complaining, his arms are our main reason to head to Comptons. Well, there is the good music, chill vibe and lovely people but yeah… mostly those arms. OFT.

    51-53 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 6HN

    Photos by Richard Holland