05/11/16: It’s all in the name! All in the name of having a good time, being FREE and letting your hair down!

All the hair. All the way down. Freedom Bar was classy, refined, glitzy. Soho is a great place to shake off those weekday blues and get down to some of the best commercial dance hits, and Freedom Bar is exactly the place to do it.

The cocktails in this place are unbelievable too! We’re obviously a fan of the pornstar martini, especially when it’s served to you by barmen which seem totally appropriate to the moniker. The cutest men in white shirts and braces with the biggest smiles you could imagine. Don’t even try and lie.

You’ve definitely had that fantasy at some point! A perfect soundtrack was supplied by the beautiful Missy B who admitted it was her first time playing at Freedom Bar. I was always told that was something you told punters to get more tips on the bar.


Either way I didn’t believe her cause she was in her element! Great vibe, great music, great people. 


National House, 60-66 Wardour Street, W1F 0TA

Photos by Luxxxer

Words by Cé Ó Coileáin

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