Girls Allowed

    30/06/17: Any night where someone does a lipsync to Nadine Coyle lying about her age is A-OK in our book, and this did not disappoint. The hilarious Herr channeled Nadine with an Insatiable (or as she’d say it, “Un-Say-Shuh-Bul”) mashup. As well as Nuh-deen, there was Cheryl Hole (SCREAM) as Cheryl, Ophelia Love as Nicola, A$hlee Warchild as Sarah and Kitty Scott Claus doing a HILARIOUS drag debut as Kimberley. She did a song from Shrek in a green dress and it was iconic. ALL their dance routines were hilarious, and special shout-out to the hapless boys they dragged onto the stage. Also, a note to Her Upstairs; we like that weird fake door in your smoking area. It’s quite a mad design that we approve of. Very…unhinged. Geddit? HAHAHAHA.

    Her Upstairs, 18 Kentish Town Road, Camden, NW1 9NX

    Photos by Luxxxer

    Words by Dylan Jones