Halfway 2 Heaven

07/01/17:If it wasn’t for the rainbow flags and the pictures of drag queens decorating the walls, you could be mistaken to think that Halfway II Heaven is like any other pub.

But it only takes a few minutes there to realise that this is a rather special place. Groups of friends, who are clearly regulars, come here for a relaxed pint, served by the smiling and welcoming staff.

The clientele is varied (older guys, couples, trendy young things, sexy bears, you name it) and unusually chatty.


Those wanting something a little less mellow need only take Halfway II Heaven’s stairway to the basement where on Saturday evenings from 5 till late, they can be entertained by a bracière of lip-syncing drag queens merrily led by the legendary Rose Garden.

In between acts, the sound system flows with the kind of catchy R&B tunes that will get you grinding and knock knock knockin’. It all somehow feels a little closer than just halfway…


7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 4JF

Words by Nicolas Chinardet

Photos by Zefrografica