Halfway II Heaven

21/05/16: ‘Write It Daaaan!’ Halfway II Heaven had a birthday bash this past weekend.

A long standing member of the drag circuit and a queen amongst queens, it was Mrs MMTV Moores 44th, Mary Poppins has nothing on this one! Living with the legendary DJ Simon Le Vans, I know that Mrs Moore has been shakin his vac for many a year, including back in the day at the Black Cap, DJ’ing and doing stints to a sell out venue on many an occasion with Regina Fong, check out the videos on You Tube dears.

Since then Mrs Moore has become a well respected and well loved pillar of our community, doing turns at probably every cabaret venue in the country. So back to Halfway and the party’s in full swing with Myra Dubois on stage having us all in stitches, Heather the new manager at Halfway brings out a ‘cake’ made entirely of doughnuts, 44 doughnuts I believe boys and girls 😉 Much to the delight of Mrs Moore who popped on stage and blew her whistle with glee.

Other drag sisters that were able to make this celebration were the Vixens, Mary Mac and Rose Garden, from what I saw. Here’s to another 44 sister?


7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 4JF

Words and Photos by Joel Ryder