20/04/13: Their Lisle Street counterpart may have been serving Pimms with fresh fruit, but Frith Street was serving something with much more of a punch on Saturday night.

Porn star Justin King was on hand to greet punters and set them up for a good time. Star of Men At Play, he got the testosterone rising by working that door good and hard. Justin’s good looks were mirrored by the shirtless bounty behind the bar. Something tells me these boys could keep Soho Gyms in business alone with their sun-kissed pecs and six packs that haven’t seen a carb since Christmas.

Ensuring there was a beat to step to, then we moved down to Lisle Street where Ku Klub had resident DJs Doug & DJ Thanos on hand and getting everyone in the weekend spirit. With the promise of more sun on Sunday and a chance to at last get a tan that doesn’t come out of a bottle, it was a busy night for students, professionals and full-time fun-lovers.

As the night drew in and the stars came out, the boys bunkered down in Ku Klub’s bass-pumping basement. Pop tunes and remixes were the order of the night, and no-one was arguing with that. Whether or not Justin King inspired any after-hours adult entertainment remains between friends, but we like to think a few lucky boys got at least a phone number.


25 Frith Street, London, WC1D 5LB
Words by Colin Gentry
Photos by Joel Ryder

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