09/11/12: We decided to hit the other Ku Bar on Friday night (the a very short mince away from Old Compton Street) and we’re glad we did.

The bar was beginning to fill up with usual Ku Bar suspects – fresh faces and their admirers – and the rather sexy DJ was pumping out the pop hits. One of the bar staff was giving a very enthusiastic performance of the ‘Gangnam style’ dance.

We downed tequila, then vodka, a few sambucas and, after a hazy few minutes on the dance floor, tried to crawl up the stairs to go home. But it wasn’t gonna happen after so much alcohol, so we stayed danced and drank some more – I know, poor us!

Lucky we did, because two of us got numbers from the two hottest guys! Another went home with a slightly less hot guy and a third friend got helped out the door by the hottest bar man, before staggering to the bus stop and dropping his McDonalds all over his shoes.


Luckily, the photographer arrived and took our photos before the tequila, so no-one will ever know… oops! Fantastic night, we love baby Ku!

Ku Bar Frith Street, 25 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 5LB
Words by Darren Palfrey
Photos by Mark Storey