Ku Bar - World AIDS Day

Ku Bar – World AIDS Day

01/12/19: Things were camptastic and red ribbon-tastic on Sunday at Ku’s increasingly iconic annual World AIDS Day auction! Every year they flog off some top prizes (and Lady Lloyd, she doesn’t go for much), to raise money for great causes. This year, there was also a special Drag-A-Thon courtesy of Lady Lloyd (we love her really) and a spectrum of sparkling drag performers from across the gender spectrum. It was all to raise money for Rebecca De Havilland’s TransBootCamp, a new interactive workshop offering support to people taking their first steps in transitioning. Funds also went to 56T, Dean Street’s sexual health resource for trans people. “As a trans woman, it’s double stigma if you’re diagnosed,” Rebecca told QX. “So it’s important to know about PrEP and other treatments, and their manageability.”

Ku Bar, 30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA

Photos by [HAWT!] Photography

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