Old Ship

07/08/16: What do you get if you cross a talented pianist with a traditional East London Drag act?

The answer is a terrific night of cabaret which had the The Old Ship making waves! Together, Little Cosmic and Sarah Bodalbhai performed a revue of classic East End sing alongs and musical showstoppers- this included a feature where they medleyed four audience song choices into one coherent musical masterpiece!

The Old Ship’s audience is a more mature one, and this allows for the delightful spectacle of seeing a bar full of people who know all of the words and and love a sing along to classics like the Lambeth Walk! Little Cosmic was on top form with double entendre after one liner again and again.

Spurring the audience on, and filling the before and after show gaps with cheesy camp classic was DJ Jason Prince. Can’t wait to be back at East London’s most quintessentially British gay pub!


17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW

Words & Photos by Victor Hensel-Coe

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