The Old Ship – Saturday 23rd April, 2017

    The Old Ship – Sunday 23rd April, 2017

    We love a chance to get off the beaten track a bit, and get the DLR over to Limehouse for a night of Sunday shenanigans at the Old Ship. The DLR’s always fun, like a rollercoaster, but not as fast, and with no 360 turns. Still fun though. The Old Ship is also fun. When we were there, it had a lovely time. In the words of Kim Woodburn, “ooh I’ve had a wonderful evening.” In fact, it was a fuckin’ delight. We bumped into a very nice lady, who’s bag looked like a cross between a leopard and a washing machine. There’s a picture of it, look! Down there to the right. See what we mean?! An interesting fashion choice.

    17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW

    Photos by Joel Ryder