Queer Schenke

    22/09/18: Ludwig II of Bavaria realness (look him up, FASCINATING). Drinking beer in the City sounds a little like a nightmare because it’s usually a bunch of stiffs in suits grabbing post-work drinks. THESE inner-city beers were twice the size and came with a side of throbbing wurst, so we couldn’t stay away. Swimsuit season is over so bring on the carbs! We also thrust the ‘hoe’ into lederhosen, which works when you say it but not when written down *sigh*. Anyway, two steins and a METER of schnapps later we were slut-dropping to a brass band rendition of a Madonna song begging Vanity Von Glow to give us a bite of her pretzel. Sorry, love!

    Bierschenke, London Wall Buildings, 4 Blomfield Street EC2M 5NT

    Photos by F D Photo