The Yard

20/08/16: You have saved your Yard! And hopefully for good this time.

Yes after a handful of petitions, thousands of signatures and hundreds of letters to government officials and other people in power, the Yard Bar will stay open to enjoy as we know and love her as a staple of the LGBT+ community and it’s history.

We have to say however that the Yard is a friendly and safe space for all walks of life, not just the LGBT+ community, it’s friendly staff and comfortable surroundings welcome all who come to chat, laugh, eat and drink. It’s like walking into your own secret garden, as you meander down the gated entrance and enter the blossoming open space, we just love it!


We have to admit though that we spent most our time upstairs having sex on the beach, the cocktail not an actual beach, but that would be amazing! See you next time!

57 Rupert Street, W1D 7PL

Words and Photos by Joel Ryder