USoD Special: Tops and Buttons

    17/02/19: Taking over the Brewers for the first time, United Shapes of Drag (USoD) turned the party with their unique brand of debauched madness. Having graduated from the Art of Drag at the RVT last year, this rag-tag gang of delinquents know how to put on a damn show. We have quite the penchant for gingers so we had to say our fave was Carrot who’s auburn tendrils really got us going. This was one of the first full on show type productions we’ve caught at the Brewer’s and we’re coming back soon FOR SURE. Such an amazing space for it. That glitter stage is the perfect space for a queen to turn it OUT. We would Top or Button for any of these queens, they’re damn fierce.

    The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street SW4 7UJ

    Photos by Richard Holland