West 5 featuring
Michele Visage


strong>13/12/14: West 5 on a Saturday night was the place to be if you were up for some fab drag showdown! Her ladyship, the one and only Michele Visage was in town and ready to help choose London’s next top queen.

The place was being looked after and hosted by the fabulous Rose Garden, with her usual sharp tongue, impeccable wit and heart of Irish gold. Whilst waiting for Michele, the eager crowd was treated to a flamboyant pre-show, which got the crowd well and truly warmed up. Some cheeky queens were a bit too warmed up at the front of the stage!

The show was kicked off by the sultry Chamonix Aspen due to a late drop out, but she made the stage her own and the beauty drop-out was not missed. She was a big hit with the growing crowd. Michele arrived and the atmosphere changed and excited boys and girls made their way to the front to get a good view of what was to follow.


Rose took over the reins again and the Dragoff commenced! Judges for the night were Michele Visage at the helm, alongside the fabulous LoUis CYfer and Mary Mac. Michele was great and told the girlz what they needed to hear.

Deliberations ensued and the winner was announced: The Virgin had captured the judges’ hearts and was a clear winner. One message that came through from the judges was how unique all the acts were and how they should be proud to be up there doing what they love.

56 Pope’s Lane, South Ealing, W5 4NT
Words and photos by Mark Storey