Willam @ West 5

19/11/14: London has been awash with American drag stars over the last few months, from judging strip contests to throwing the odd wobbly in Camden, and serving it up in Ealing. Us drag devotees really have been spoilt, haven’t we?

It was the turn of Willam to swing by for a whirlwind visit last week. Hosted by Mary Mac, sporting a seasonal ginger rinse, and supported by the barmy Bambi Boo, Tiffany Diamanté and Virginia Wright, with the very extraordinary Alfie Ordinary tinkling the ivories in the piano lounge.

The star of the show didn’t disappoint, with a full set including the hugely popular ‘Blurred Bynes’ and ‘Boy Is a Bottom’ numbers, all in a luscious Serengeti look. Hear her ROAR!


Devoted fans fired random (and scarily specific) questions, whilst never allowing their smartphones to leave the air of course, and Willam provided the answers, in her typically sharp and frank fashion: “Why have you never visited Ireland?”

“I have dumbass! If they have the cheque, I have the talent.”

Wrapping up the show with a Spanish number, which she’s clearly made a point of learning after joking about it on Drag Race, she then settled down for the onslaught of Willam worshippers who queued up to get their moment with the star during the meet and greet.

When the madness subsided I got to have a chat with her, too. I was quite taken by her very dry wit and ability to work an audience, be it on or off stage. Oh, and she signed my recent interview with her: “Jason of QX. I’ve had less invasive liposuction. Thanks for prying me wiiiide open.”

Time to reopen my eBay account.

56 Pope’s Lane, South Ealing, W5 4NB
Words by Jason Reid
Photos by Alex Wightman