28/08/11: Who would have thought it? The man who kept us dancing until the early hours for years was back! It was only months ago when Alan K announced his DJ retirement we saw loyal fans on the podiums and covering the entire main room holding banners entitled ‘We will miss you’ with uncontrollable tears. (Or was that just you, Sylvia? – Ed.)

    A big inspiration to many of us, Alan has really made a big impact on the Vauxhall club scene showing us all sheer determination to send us crazy, done mainly though his great passion for music.

    Thank god the musical multi-tasking, 4 CDJ user is back. Main room DJs were Mikey D, followed by our star Alan K and Jamie Hammond who, a lot like Alan, loses complete control and sends us mental! Other DJs playing throughout the other two rooms were Paul Christian, The Sharp Boys Leandro Kloppel, Ariel and Fat Tony.

    And as always, adding the icing to the top, Shaun Capewell and Electra Paris wowed us with their outstanding circus themed costumes and THE hottest dancers. And let’s not forget the trippy circus statues around the whole venue.


    A big thank you to everyone involved… and Alan, Vauxhall just isn’t the same without you, welcome back!

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    Area, 67 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP
    Photos Chris Jepson
    Words by Sylvia Murphy

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