Feet On Friday @ The Underground Club

16/09/11: Put your best foot forward and prepare to get it licked! That’s right you heard me, licked because this night is all about ya feet.
Doesn’t matter if you are a size 5, a size 12 or a size queen, just make sure you’ve thoroughly washed yourself because nobody wants to go down with their tongue out only to get a whiff or taste of cheese (ok maybe some of you do, eww!).

You can get trod on by a herd of scallies, get your favourite pair cleaned to perfection or just kick back and enjoy the big screens full of twinky, feet lickin’ goodness.

The ‘Underground’ at Central Station in Kings Cross varies its themes all the time so whether you are into trainers, shoes, boots or stilettos (not sure about that last one, LOL!) there is something for all you fetish lovers.
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Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, King’s Cross, N1 9SD
Words and Photos by Joel Ryder