10/09/11: Saturday night saw the launch of Furrvert, one of the most talked about parties to land at Fire.

Bruno Knight presented a brand new party with a brand new concept: a party for the Furry! So, party addicts that we are, we sent down our finest clubbers/drunkards to see what all the fuss, or should we say “furr”, was about.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the very sexy Promoter Mr Knight himself, who was collected and calm… Always a good sign to see a chilled promoter outside while his party unfolds inside! And the party was poppin’! From the moment we stepped into Fire, the main room looked amazing.

Three crazy, sexy rooms complete with three very different sounds at one mega party? We didn’t know which room to be in. Such choice!


Two hairy muscle boys took to their individual, white draped podiums and we thought, ‘just what’s going on behind those hanging sheets?’ We saw two silhouettes of muscled guys giving us a teaser of what porn stars do best!

Furrvert has really made its mark; the music, production, the fellas and an amazing atmosphere too. We can proudly say we’ve been furverrted.
Check it out when the grizzly geezers return on Saturday 29th October.

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Fire, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT
Words by Yogi Bare
Photos by Mark Storey

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