14/04/18: Crashing into Hoxton’s Zigfrid Von Underbelly on an unseasonably sweltering night, Plaztik is exactly what London’s queer scene should be about; it was debauched, creative, hilarious, colourful and totally fucking mad. Karen Stanley was there, despite her recent bearevemnt (she lost an entire tank of sea monkeys to an unkown plague, very sad). Cain Jennings was there wearing a fab purple loofa. Ellen Forbes was there looking like something out of Blade Runner. Bertie Clarke was there wearing that fucking Zoella t-shirt. Smiley Vyrus was there glowering and lighting her fag. Chema Diaz was there dancing like it was 2007. PC Music princess GFOTY even turned up and did a special set. Don’t know what on earth you’re talking about? Don’t know who any of these people are? Well then you need to get out more. ARRIVE IN THE CLIO, GET DRIVEN BY A HUNK.

Zigfrid von Underbelly, 11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU

Photos by FD Photo, Words by Dylan Jones

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