Thicc: Love Yourself Bash

22/02/19: We love it THICK and JUICY. That’s why there was no keeping us away from Thicc on Friday night. Heading over to London Fields in our best sequined short shorts, we were down to get jiggy and jiggly with it. Queen Freda Slaves was on top form (when is she ever not?) and served up a damned good performance. The night was one big love-fest where all of us got to let our hair down and feel our glittering oats. The night ended with us in someone’s smeared lippy, drooling over (we think his name is) Danny in the back of an Uber on our way to god knows where. P.S. whoever tried to bin a Danny Dyer biography in the bin outside… it’s found a loving home with us.

Hangar – London Fields, 2-18 Wrburton Road E8 3FN

Photos by F D Photo