WE Party PINK – The 8th Birthday

01/12/18: They’re EIGHT years old, can you believe it? We definitely couldn’t, we feel like we’ve been dancing in the sea of muscle torsos that is a WE Party forever! Showing exactly why they’ve stuck around for so long, Saturday night was off the damn chain. Just down the road from the O2, we thought they might have needed to hop over after seeing how packed with huge beefy hunks it was. The production value was through the goddamned roof, with pink glitter everywhere you looked with two full rooms of pink muscle fun. We don’t know how we made it back, but by the way we felt on Sunday morning WE weren’t the only one to have a pink one on Saturday night.

Studio 338, 388 Brood Street, SE10 0PF

Photos by ChrisJepson.com

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