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Getting to know Sailors Sauna – QX Meets Sailors Sauna Owner

QX meets Sailors sauna owner Richard to talk shop, and why sauna’s are still so popular. Saunas are a valued part of our culture as...
QX Recommends Sailors Sauna

QX Recommends Sailors Sauna

At Sailors Sauna there’s a Jacuzzi, there’s a lounge and there’s even a Sunday lunch! You know what, we love a sauna. And do you...
Sweatybox gay sauna London

Gay Saunas In London Guide October 2023

Gay Saunas In London Guide covers gay saunas in Soho, saunas in South London and saunas in East London saunas, also known as gay...
Sailors Sauna Limehouse

Sailors Sauna Limehouse steamiest, best kept secret!

Sailors Sauna MIGHT be Limehouse’s steamiest, best kept secret! Firstly, let us tell you about Limehouse…it’s a little gay pocket in London’s edgy, culturally...

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