01/02/13: Here at QX we’ve been known to mince around the bathroom, bottle of Vosene in hand, mouthing the words to 80’s power ballads on the odd occasion. So when we heard that hot, alt-drag troupe The LipSinkers were starting February with a trantastic bang at the RVT (right after payday too – perfect!) we just had to head south.

It may have been colder than the atmosphere at the American Idol Judge’s table outside, but inside the palladium of cabaret was abuzz with atmosphere, and at shoulder to shoulder capacity. Comprising of John Sizzle, Blanche Dubois, Lisa Lee, Dame Richardette and Rhyannon Styles, these girls tear up the stage every first Friday of the month. And as soon as they opened the show with Queen’s ‘I want to Break Free’ we were instantly drawn in.

John Sizzle hosted with unfaltering dominance, strutting around the stage with an air of supremacy. Sizzle worked the audience skilfully – glass of Prosecco in hand – oozing ‘tran power’ and teasing guys like a super glam praying mantis in between routines.


The night was choc-a-bloc full from start to finish, with something for everyone. Some of our highlights included a tantalising ‘Tits and Ass’ routine, the girls unique take on War of the Worlds, which was a real crowd pleaser, and a sensational David Bowie routine. These girls work as beautifully in group numbers as they do alone, and the audiences attention was never taken from the stage. Dame Richardette also celebrated her fortieth birthday within the show by being ceremonially being force-fed bubbles and cake – which was quite a sight.

The LipSinkers have natural ferocity coupled with endearing charm. Like a heavily medicated Pan’s People they have an exciting feel to them that will warm the blood of any ardent cabaret-goer.  Disregard any ill conceived preconceptions you may have had about lip-syncing before and prepare to hold on tight because these girls don’t just offer up a bog standard show, this is a visually stimulating experience, culminating in one hell of a party!

RVT, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11 5HY
Words by Jason Reid
Photos by