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The La Demence Cruise is back for 2014. Here’s why you should be on that ship when it sets sail…


1) The odds are in your favour

With approximately 1,400 guys from all over the world, the chances are there’s bound to be at least one guy you’re indulging in – and nothing makes a holiday more exciting than an intimate romance/hot fling… or at least a fumble in the hot tub.

2) It’s not all about the parties…
You can drink yourself stupid in London, what La Demence offers is the chance to take in some of the beautiful culture of the Mediterranean.; whether it’s strolling through the Italian Riviera or checking out the Arab Baths in Palma, it will certainly be more picturesque than your local kebab shop.

3) …But it also is all about the parties
Who wants to be cramped in a sweaty underground nightclub next to some gurning stranger when you can live it up under the stars with the cruise’s open air parties.

4) Eat well
All foods and soft drinks are included in the price, so if (or should that be when) you wake up feeling a little worse for wear, you’re free to tuck in at the buffet or grab something a la carte.

5) Relax in comfort
Despite being on a cruise ship, even those that get most seasick would forget they were in the middle of the ocean with rooms that rival some hotels on land.

6) Stay connected
Worried that you’ll lose touch with the rest of the world while you’re away? Don’t be. It’s every tech-savvy gay’s fear of being on holiday but not being able to upload the pics to Instagram. Internet/wifi and library zone have that covered. We’re guessing that includes Scruff, Manhunt and Grindr…

7) Treat yourself
Part of being on holiday is that you take a load off (interpret what you will), and with an on board spa, gym, yoga and fitness centre – feeling good hasn’t been easier.

8) Indulge your pleasures
What happens on La Demence stays on La Demence (unless you broadcast it on Facebook), so why not let your inhibitions – and trunks – disappear in the nudist area, catch a porn show or attend the fetish party.

9) A DJ line-up that’ll make your knees weak
You can expect to hear the likes of a number of international DJs, with Paul Heron (UK), Steven Redant (Spain), Oliver M (Denmark), John Dixon (France), Tony Bruno (Italy) – and that’s just a handful of them!

10) Beauty and the beach… and the odd bitch
During your week-long cruise you’ll touch on some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in the Mediterranean. If you didn’t get the memo, it’s really not about overcrowded beaches packed with drunk British tourists – that’s so San Antonio circa ’99.

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