The Black Cap is set to reopen as a chain straight bar

The iconic gay venue has been taken over by corporate catering giants Ruth & Robinson.


The death knell ringeth! According to the Camden New Journal, Ruth & Robinson are a corporate company who’ve unveiled plans to open eight venues across the city over the next five years or so, specialising in a “London-based Brooklyn concept”, whatever that means. They’ve already opened one in Clerkenwell, and the Black Cap is set to be the next.

In a statement, they’ve said they aim to create “a unique, distinctive and vibrant drinking establishment which is welcoming to the whole community”. But there’s no mention of it being LGBT friendly. Here’s a picture of their Clerkenwell venue, The Fourteenth Colonie. It doesn’t exactly scream “unique and distinctive” does it?


It looks like every overpriced pulled pork gastro nonsense from Holborn to Hackney!

They are planning on revamping the whole of the Black Cap’s interior, with bars on the second and first floors, and function rooms (urgh) on the top floor.

Last year The Breakfast Club’s plans to buy the venue were foiled and everyone was really relieved, but this looks like it’s not much better. Worse even. Come on kids, time to dust off those placards again. TO CAMDEN!




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