QX Pride Guide

So last week we whipped up the DEFINITIVE QX Pride Guide. Our esteemed pick of things to do over the Pride season. Well, turns out it wasn’t quite as definitive as we thought, because here we are with more.

We couldn’t resist! Sometimes you just need more don’t you? Sometimes…a girl needs an inch. That Extra Inch. Is that the name of Victoria Beckham’s autobiography. Is it? Who knows. Who cares, really.

Anyway, back to pride! Here’s yet MOOORE gorgeous, camp, unique events going on around our beautiful city.



Pride In London Parade

Saturday 25th June
1pm – 4:30pm

WELL, this is the big one, obvs! The big, glittering, kaleidoscopic pride extravaganza! Where everyone comes together to be queer and wave flags and wear tiny shorts! Try not to miss it from being too drunk, or too hungover from the night before. Although that does happen. Quite often. So if you DO miss it, we won’t hold it against you. If you get down there, it’s a hell of a spectacle! Drink it all in!

The Parade starts on the corner of Portland Place and Duchess Street, and proceeds down to Whitehall.


Pride In Trafalgar

Saturday 25th June
12pm – 8pm

This is always the roiling (great word, roiling!), the roiling, shimmering epicenter of pride. The beating, rainbow-spattered heart. It’s where London’s gay glitterati throngs to polish off their celebrations with dancing and debauchery and PRIDE. But they’ve announced a host of the city’s best talent, from cynical sirens Myra DuBois and Vanity Von Glow, to engagingly androgynous X Factor contestant Seann Miley Moore. And, headliner Alesha Dixon!


Pride In The Park

Sunday 26th June
Vauxhall Jubilee Garden

Get over your hangovers on Sunday with Pride In The Park! It’ll all be ok! Just pop to the shops and get yourselves some mini sausage rolls and few beers, and it’ll all be fine again! Pride In The Park is pride’s sort of wholesome wind down session, with family areas, a cake baking competition and even a dog show! It’s also home to Black Pride celebrations, which is always amaze, and welcoming to everyone. They’ve got lovely stalls with food and merchandise – last year we got our hands on the best jerk chicken we’ve ever had. AND they’ve got a stage that’ll be booming with life throughout the day, with a great line up including gorgeous QBoy, hilarious Lord Hicks, and bangin’ Freemasons!



The extravaganza on the main stage at Trafalgar Square is the culmination, the shimmering glitter cannon at the end of London’s pride celebrations.

They always draft in a kaleidoscopic mix of our city’s best drag and entertainment talent, as well as nationally renowned acts. Without further ado, here’s the lineup!


Midday – 2pm

Michael Twaits

Vanity Von Glow


Musical Theatre performances from Kinky Boots, Heels of Glory, Rachel Weston and Lee Ormsby

Pride’s Got Talent Finalists – Sofia B, Henry Newbury, Roman Road, JulyJones and DopeBoyLDN


2pm – 4pm

Heather Peace

La Voix

Mzz Kimberley

Hot Heels

Pink Singers

Dan Koek feat Deux Ailes Acrobats

Pride’s Got Talent Finalists – Stitch, Eleni C, Natalie Gray and Office Girls


4pm – 6pm


The Red Arrows


Sinitta and Pride’s Got Talent Winner 2015, Charley Monroe

Pride’s Got Talent Winner 2016 Jack Feureisen


6pm – 10pm


The Beyonce Experience

Velma Celli

Gay Men’s Dance Company with Jack Feureisen



The cabaret stage in Soho acts as the heart and soul of Pride proceedings! From catty to comedic, operatic to outrageous, it showcases the city’s best-loved and best-known cabaret acts!


13:00 – Bami & Roxx


13:10 – 14:20 – Pride’s Got Talent finalists Paul Bork, Aletia Upstairs, BenT, Lady Glamour Nouveau, Holly Dun Something, Heart & Soul and Henry Newbury


14:30 – Jordan Bradley


14:40 – Lord Hicks


14:50 – Jessica Collita


14:55 – Alex James Ellison


15:10 – Lily SnatchDragon & Virgin Xtravaganzah


15:15 – Marnie Scarlet


15:25 – Frankie Sinatra


15:35 – Laura Nadia Hunt


15:50 – Helen Oakleigh


16:00 – Lorraine Bowen


16:15 – Sadie Sinner


16:40 – Ren Steadman


16:50 – Four Femmes On The Thames


17:05 – The RVT Drag Choir


17:20 – Le Poulet – Sarah Louise Young


17:35 – Dean Atta


17:55 – Sum Ting Wong


18:15 – LoUis CYfer


18:25 – The Vixens


18:40 – Yazmyn Hendrix


18:50 – Lubrikunt & Liquor


19:00 – Jacqui Swallows


19:15 – The RVT Choir


19:20 – Silver Summers