David Morales

Ahead of his Brighton Pride headline set, we chat to one of the world’s biggest DJs about music and Mariah!

Superstar DJ David Morales has been announced as one of the headliners of Brighton Pride! AMAZEBALLS!
He is, to use an overused word, iconic. You’ve all probably had sex to one of his remixes at least once.
He spoke to Dylan Jones about music, Mariah and more.

Hi David! You’ve worked with some amazing people. What’s been your favourite encounter?
Well that’s a hard one to answer, because I’ve worked with some of the best artists of our lifetime. I guess that I would have to say that Mariah Carey has been my favorite, since I’ve had the pleasure of working on many of her songs.

What was Madonna like?!
I’ve never personally worked with Madonna. I met her once at Versace’s house in Milan at a party that I played at. She seemed really cool.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’d love to?
Yes. Adele.

You became huge very, very quickly after the release of “Needin U” – was that difficult to deal with?
Not really, because my career took off in the early 90s. I was really famous in the early 90s for my remixes.

You’ve been called one of the first ever “superstar DJs”…what do you think of that phrase?
I hate it, but I get it. I’ve been DJing for 40 years now. It was never about being a superstar. People put that label on me. DJing has been my passion since I was a kid back in the 70’s.

What do you think about music these days?
Music has evolved in many ways. Both good and bad. But in general I appreciate a lot of what’s going on. Dance music is bigger than ever.

What would you say is the most glamorous experience you’ve ever had?
Attending the Grammys, sitting next to Mariah Carey.

What’s the BEST party you’ve ever been to?
The best party or parties I’ve ever attended was the Loft in NYC with David Mancuso.

What do you do to relax after partying?
I like to watch movies and count backwards.

What’s your guilty pleasure hangover food?
Pasta and coca cola with ice.

And your favourite guilty pleasure movie?
That’s a hard one. Because I love to watch movies. You can’t go wrong with the Godfather.

And while we’re here, your favourite guilty pleasure SONG?
Anything old.

You once owned a nightclub! There’ve been a lot of venue closures in London lately, especially on the gay scene…what do you think about that? 
I think that it’s a shame. It’s always about some miserable person that has no life. That doesn’t know how to live.

Are you excited to be performing at Brighton Pride? 
Yes I am. And I’m looking forward to seeing the Pet Shop Boys.

What does pride mean to you?

David Morales is performing at Brighton & Hove Pride, Friday 4th – Sunday 6th August 2017. Tickets available at brighton-pride.org



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