You’ve all heard of WE Party by now, so we don’t need to spell it out. But we will anyway, because that’s our job! It’s an INTERNATIONAL and HIGH OCTANE gay party brand, notorious for drink-spattered, glitter-spattered circuit parties and lots of muscular men.

The fact that the ‘WE ICON’ party is happening next week gives us an excuse to say a word we’ve been banned from saying – ICONIC! We used to say it about everything. Naomi Campbell, iconic! London, iconic! Like A Prayer by Madonna, iconic! Extra large condoms, iconic! Salt & vinegar crisps, iconic!

    But all those things are, arguably, iconic. We WERE saying it too much though. Even Joanne The Scammer, who kickstarted the recent revival of the word, asked us to stop when we met her at a five star hotel once (don’t ask).

    Anyway, the theme of the first WE Party of the autumn, is centred around the word iconic in its original incarnation. They’re paying homage to the leviathans, the unforgettable, the ultimate LGBT icons. Bowie, Cher, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Madonna and more.

    There’ll be stunning state-of-the-art visuals from the visionary creatives behind the scenes, as well as an extra special (ICONIC!) DJ set from WE superstar, Binomio! There’ll also be euphoric dance, house and techno gorgeousness from WE London residents Fabio Luigi, Gonzalo and Lee Harris.

    And as if THAT weren’t enough, it’s hosted by Martin Rab and Fabio Pozzetto, and promoted by international party boy Mauricio Ortiz. We’ve got a bit of a crush on Mauricio. Hey Mauricio! How you dzoin.

    So whether you fancy your icon status as equal to Naomi Campbell (or a packet of salt & vinegar crisps!) get down to The Coronet on 7th October. Be there, or be un-iconic!

WE ICON is on Saturday 7th October at The Coronet, 28 New Kent Road, SE1 6TJ. 10pm – 6am. Advance tickets available at orangenation.co.uk



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