Dial D for DILF!

There’s a new daddy in town!

With ‘daddy’ being especially en vogue at the moment, it’s easy to forget about the humble DILF. In fact, we’d say we prefer a DILF to a daddy. There’s something much more DGAF about the DILF. The stonewashed jeans. The practical trainers. Stereophonics blasting out the speakers of his maroon Ford Mondeo. He’d give you a thorough seeing to and afterwards he’d fix that faulty drawer in your wardrobe.

In tribute to this superb specimen, Scottish club night DILF is making its London debut this Saturday at Vauxhall den of debauchery, Bloc South. We spoke with head DILF, James, to see what he’s got in store for you.

Hey James, you’re bringing your DILF party to London. How did it all start?


It started in Glasgow in late 2014.

I had returned from living in London and recognised the need for a male-only night in Scotland, in particular one that encouraged older men to attend.

Where else have you put it on?

We have our monthly parties in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and have held a couple of very successful parties in Manchester, so much so that we will have a quarterly residency at Manchester Eagle kicking off on February 2nd. 

What can we expect on the night?

A warm welcome, great music and a lot of fun, but be prepared for the occasional surprise as we have been known to include some unannounced ‘entertainment’!

What’s the music policy? Any DILF anthems?

We play a blend of vocal house and tech-house, occasionally throwing in something familiar or old school.  A couple of tunes currently on our playlist are ‘Mr. Night – Movin’ as a warm up,  ‘Kaz James – Trip The Light’ as things start to pick up, and lately ‘London Grammar – Hell To The Liar – Kölsch remix’ as a closing tune.

What do you like to see DILFs wearing on the dance floor?

On a regular night, people are encouraged to wear what they like, so anything from fetish wear to casual, but typically we see guys in jocks and harnesses, they tend to lean towards the less is more approach!

Now, let’s talk DILFs. In your opinion, what’s the difference between a DILF and a daddy?  

In my opinion, oh dear! I think for me, a DILF is a man I want to take home, and a daddy is one I want to give belly rubs to. Although in saying that, they can often be one and the same. I’m a daddy, so yeah!

Who would you say is the ultimate DILF?

Michael Huisman from Game of Thrones gets me going and lately, Jake Gyllenhaal has featured on my DILF radar, although I’d have to let them wrestle each other for the that title. Well, a man can dream.

Describe DILF in four words.

Sexy, sweaty, dirty and fun!

DILF is on Saturday 2nd December at Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP, 10pm-5am, £7 before midnight, £10 after, £6 after 3am