YES! Four bops you should be jamming to right now…

Whether you’re hosting pre-drinks this Friday night, or just trying to catch a tan to some tunes, here are what you should be bopping to this summer:

I Like It – Cardi B

We all know Cardi’s the baddest B out there. This Latin hit promises those summer vibes, and delivers! She just lists all the things she enjoyes, and we’re on board with her lyrical genius. Step aside Sister Mariah, and take your Favourite Things with you. Cardi likes dollars, she likes diamonds. She likes stunting, she likes shining. She likes those Balenciagas, you know, the ones that look like socks? Cardi is all of us when that muscle hunk walks into the bar – oh he so handsome what’s his name?! When it comes to calling the shots, she makes sure to remind us that she runs this shit like cardio. The trap-salsa beat will have you in a hair-wrap wishing you had someone to grind up onto. Latin Hip Hop rarely feels this right, but in this recent heat wave it’s the perfect theme song to your summer. Just like Cardi B we like it like that.



no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande

Yes, we know you’ve already played this one to death. But for some reason this one just doesn’t seem to get old. Even after the fifth consecutive time listening to it, you just can’t keep yourself from tapping that repeat button. It’s something about Ariana hitting those ethereal high notes that caresses the soul. It seems as though some of her new fiancé’s Big Dick Energy has rubbed off on her and she’s just killing it right now. If the rumours are true, we can see exactly why she has no tears left to cry. It’s still climbing charts across the globe, and you can understand why. A&E departments everywhere are flooded with back injuries patents who tried in vain to recreate the soon to be iconic, Inception-style music video.


Faceshopping – SOPHIE

Step aside Mary, SOPHIE’s the new queen of Scots. Having already produced for Madonna and Charlie XCX, she’s finally burst into centre stag with the release of her first solo studio album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. She’s known for her unconventional, synthesised and hyperkinetic take on the pop genre. It’s like a bad trip gone good. The standout single is most definitely Faceshopping which has an industrial, hardcore sound layered over your typical pop-vixen vocal stylings, which relentlessly takes sharp left turns into absurdity. You know that messed up art film you made the mistake of sitting through at the Tate? Well this is the musical equivalent of that. If this were to ever play when you’re out at the club, you’d be pretty sure that someone slipped something into your drink. Flouting all conventions of pop music, it seems this track somehow made its way to us from some dystopian future.


Dance To This (feat. Ariana Grande) – Troy Sivan

Another Ariana song – so sue us. She’s paired up with twink heart-throb Troy Sivan for a song you can definitely dance to. It’s a little disappointing that he went straight from a song about bottoming to a hetero-duet, but it’s got a cool thing going on so we’ll forgive him. He’s gone all out on that Justin Bieber brand of low mumble-singing, asking a girl to grind up on his body like a sexually confused teen at a house-party. It gets a little repetitive, but you’ll find yourself singing along by the second chorus of your first listen. A good beat and some interesting mixing, it’s an easy listen. It serves that ‘hot summer night outside of the club’ feeling.